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  • Eyelash extensions are available in many different sizes, curls and thicknesses. Individual Lashes also come in a variety of materials including Synthetic Lashes, Premium Silk and Authentic Mink.

    *  Our prices are subject to change without prior notice.


    Simply Naturals Set – Upper Lashes Only

    50% Fullness from Short to Medium Length – You can forget about mascara and eyelash curlers. These set of lashes are very natural looking and perfectly shaped to enhance your eyes. Recommended for daily wear.

    –  Synthetic Lashes $110

    –  Premium Silk or Authentic Mink $120

    –  100% Real Siberian Mink Lashes $210


    Celebrity Divas Set – Upper Lashes Only

    100% Fullness from Short to Extra Long Length –  Long, luscious, glossy lashes are a symbol of youth and vitality. Ideal for Weddings or Photo Shoots.

    –  Synthetic Lashes $150

    –  Premium Silk , Authentic Mink or Color Mink $160

    –  100% Real Siberian Mink Lashes $280


    Eyelash Extensions Refills  – Upper Lashes Only

            –  Synthetic Lashes $50 + 

           –  Premium Silk or Authentic Mink $60 +

           –  100% Real Siberian Mink Lashes $100+


    Eyelash Extensions Removal – $20+

    The removal process takes approximately 20 to 45 minutes.


    Men’s Eyelash Extensions – $100+

    We all know men have long since ventured into the realm of personal maintenance. Hairstyling, tanning, and “man- scaping” are a regular occurrence for many men. In fact, it is often a part of the package that creates and molds self confidence. So guys, why neglect you eyelashes? Your eyes are your most powerful tools! Our lash stylists have the ability to subtlety enhance your eyes using a custom blend of short, straight, natural toned eyelash extensions that remain masculine in appearance.


    Mobile Lashes Traveling Fee – $30+

    We are your premier Mobile Lashes based in San Gabriel Valley.  Mobile Lashes is a perfect for Bridal Shower, Birthday Party, Girls Night Out, or Graduation Party.  Enjoy 10% discounts for group of 3 or more.



    Refer a friend and receive  a $30 off on your next appointment after your friend completes her first appointment.



     Wedding packages available for brides and bridesmaid groups.





     We reserve the right to refuse service to any one.
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